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Day 12: Ginger Rogers



 More to come! 




Favorite Things in Classic Films

Yesterday I was in the living room playing with my daughter. I turned on the television and an episode of The Flintstones was on. Fred was in the kitchen, apron on, washing the dishes–complaining all the while. He really had no reason to complain though. Poor Wilma couldn’t assume her typical household duties because she was too busy setting up the card table for Fred’s poker game.

That image of Fred in an apron got me thinking about a rare occurrence in classic films: when a man rolls up his sleeves, puts on an apron, and helps out in the kitchen. The thought of it brought a smile to my face. I decided to take that thought to the thriving classic film community on Twitter. Under the hashtag #favoritethingsinclassicfilm, the tweets started pouring in. My goal was to bring everyone together to talk about those little things that make classic films so magnificent. Some tweets consist of generally broad ideas and themes while others  highlight specific behaviors of a particular actor/actress/character. Mainstream or obscure, the references to films in all genres are abundant. Some tweets have spawned serious conversations about racial stereotypes, misogyny, and other moral/ethical issues. Many are sentimental, emotional, yet there are plenty of hilarious ones.

@biscuitkitten- Al and Milly embracing after 4 long years #favoritethingsinclassicfilm
@biscuitkitten- Al and Milly embracing after 4 long years #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

Some of my favorites:

@mritchie56- Glittering white art deco rooms in Astaire/Rogers musicals #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@tonyalit- How Gene Kelly makes the most of his Paris apartment. Looked perfect. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@HollywoodComet- Silk stockings being a valued gift. I’d still take some. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@willmckinley- Edward Everett Horton, Franklin Pangborn, Eric Blore, William Demarest, Eugene Pallette #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@OfficalBogart- We have many #favoritethingsinclassicfilm, but we must mention #TCM and its efforts to keep #classicfilm relevant and popular. Thanks @tcm! #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@interpretivbear- How a glass of whole milk calms the stomach. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@LouLumenick- All of Busby Berkeley’s production numbers. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@BobbyRiversTV- Fred Astaire dancing. On the ceiling, on roller skates, on ice skates, up a nightclub staircase… #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@expano_mapcase- Discovering a new actor/actress you love then trying to see everything they’re in #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@QuelleLove- #favoritethingsinclassicfilms Actors with barrel chests, no shirt, and some water splashed on them

@trueclassics- The deadliness of an anklet and a bad wig #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@CitizenScreen- The balcony kiss/scene between Grant and Bergman in #Notorious #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@ScribeHard- Thelma Ritter appearing in (Insert Title of
ANY Movie Thelma Ritter Has Appeared In) #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@missmccrocodile- Borscht with an egg in it #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@HaroldItz- #favoritethingsinclassicfilms Owl Jolson

@clydeumney- Following the letter of the Hays Code, but not the spirit. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@classicmovieblg- Being a blubbering mess every time I hear “stand up, your father’s passing.” #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

@cinemastyles- Walter Huston in anything, even Dragon Seed. #favoritethingsinclassicfilm

These tweets  are the tiniest sampling of all the wonderful contributions so far. I love the seemingly immediate bond between fellow classic film fans. And I love how we all come together in a very modern medium to discuss the past.

What are your favorite things in classic films? Feel free to comment below! Better yet, join in on the conversation on Twitter! You can find me @biscuitkitten. Follow the hashtag #favoritethingsinclassicfilm (with the variation: #favoritethingsinclassicfilms and for our British, Canadian, Australian friends- #favouritethingsinclassicfilm)  Also, hop over to KC’s blog Classic Movies to read her thoughts on the event!