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Sneak Preview: Carson on TCM

Last Fall, Turner Classic Movies announced it had acquired the rights to air select guest interviews from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Repackaged as hour-long episodes and hosted by Conan O’Brien (Conan, TBS), Carson on TCM will feature interviews with many of the stars viewers see on the network every day: Tony Curtis, Doris Day, Gregory Peck, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Robert Osborne’s Essentials co-host Drew Barrymore…when she was only 7 years old.
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Richard Burton to Receive Posthumous Star on Walk of Fame

Fans of Richard Burton have long argued his acting is often underrated and under-appreciated. This is most likely because of his famous, or shall we say infamous marriage(s) to Elizabeth Taylor. Their romantic and sometimes volatile relationship was followed by millions of loving fans all around the world. It was also subject to tabloid scrutiny which often overshadowed their performances.

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2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays from The Fence!


It’s never been a better time to be a classic film fan. With numerous theatre screenings across the country, the TCM Film Festival, never before released and remastered films on DVD/Blu-ray– there’s an abundance of goodies for every fan. With only two weeks until Christmas, I have put together a gift guide for the classic film fans on your list. Already done with your shopping or don’t celebrate Christmas? Then pick something out for yourself! Make sure to scroll through the entire post for some fantastic deals and enter the giveaway.



I love reviewing books here at The Fence. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a review, but I’ve been keeping an eye on new releases. There are a few must-haves for classic film fans:


Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capitol, 1928-1937

by Darrell Rooney and Mark A. Viera
Angel City Press
MSRP $50.00

Released in March 2011, Harlow in Hollywood is quite possibly the best classic film related book in my collection. With a well-researched biography and stunning photos of Harlow all throughout her career, this is an absolute must for Jean Harlow fans. You can find my detailed review of the book here.

You can order Harlow in Hollywood directly through Angel City Press or for bit cheaper on


Silhouettes From Popular Culture
by Olly Moss
Titan Books
MSRP $16.95

Titan Books has released a collection of Olly Moss silhouettes from the hugely popular Paper Cuts exhibition. This is a fun book for not just film fans, but pop culture buffs too! Look for a review coming soon.

You can order Silhouettes From Popular Culture from Amazon.


Marilyn in Fashion
by Christopher Nickens and George Zeno
Running Press
MSRP $30.00

There are countless books on Marilyn Monroe. Let’s face it: most of them are complete garbage. There are gems scattered throughout the trash, and Marilyn in Fashion is one of those beautiful gems. The photos alone are worth the price, but the book is so much more. With anecdotes of Monroe’s working relationship with designers and her fashion transformation throughout her career, Marilyn in Fashion is a lovely book to add to your collection. Order on


Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies
by Christel Schmidt
University Press of Kentucky
MSRP $45.00

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this book. I just won a copy from TCM’s monthly Book Corner giveaway. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read it yet, but have thumbed through it a bit. It is absolutely stunning.

You can order Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies from the TCM Shop or on Amazon



Here is a collection of some of my favorite DVD/Blu-ray releases along with some can’t miss deals:


Criterion Collection

Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985) on DVD and Blu-ray
MSRP: $49.95






Powell and Pressburger’s Black Narcissus (1947) on DVD/Blu
MSRP: $39.95






Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936) on DVD/Blu
MSRP: $39.95






Ernst Lubitsch’s Design for Living (1933) on DVD/Blu
MSRP: $39.95





* All of these Criterion titles and others are on sale at


Kino Classics

The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection on Blu-ray
MSRP: $299.95






William A. Wellman’s A Star is Born (1937) on DVD and Blu
MSRP: $29.95






Josef von Sternberg’s The Blue Angel (1930): Remastered Standard Edition on DVD and Blu
MSRP: $29.95






Warner Archive

W.S. Van Dyke’s Rage in Heaven (1941)
MSRP: $19.95







Jean Harlow Collection
MSRP: $64.99





Conflict (1945)
MSRP: $26.99






Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Volume 4
MSRP $49.99





Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Volume 5
MSRP $49.99






Fox Home Entertainment

Bond 50: The Complete 22 Film Collection DVD/Blu-ray
MSRP $299.99





Princess Bride: 25th Anniversary Edition DVD/Blu-ray
MSRP: $19.99





Patton (1970) Blu-ray

MSRP: $24.99





Can’t miss bargains

The Complete Thin Man Collection
This retails for $60.00. Right now on Amazon it is only $17.99! If you don’t have this set, it’s a must!





Myrna Loy and William Powell Collection
Another great deal for Powell/Loy fans (and really, who isn’t a fan of theirs?) at only $18.49. This is a great set. My personal favorites are Manhattan Melodrama and I Love You Again.





Tracy & Hepburn: The Definitive Collection
This set includes every single film Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn made together. It’s under $25.00. Need I say more?





Christmas in Connecticut
One of the greatest Christmas films ever is only $4.00! You can find it at Amazon and at your local Target.





For those of you with a Costco membership, you might want to take a trip to check out their movie section. Recent finds include The Joan Crawford Collection, Warner Gangsters Collections, The Premiere Frank Capra Collection, Busby Berkeley, The Marx Bros Collection– all for under $15.00. Also in stores are numerous “Signature Collection” sets including: Bogie/Bacall, Tracy/Hepburn, James Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart, and Clark Gable. Of course there are no guarantees on what is in stock, but I always find lots of goodies! I’m still kicking myself for passing on the Preston Sturges set…


Other classic film goodies

  • Love Charlie Chaplin? Then you definitely need to check out this lovely canvas print of The Little Tramp over at Ikea. There’s an Audrey Hepburn version, too.
  • Fans of TCM are all too familiar with Robert Osborne’s signature TCM bistro mug. I own two and drink my coffee out of them every single day. A must have!
  • If you’re a big spender, you can always go for a pass to the TCM Classic Film Festival. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Money well spent!

Last, but certainly not least…

  • My pal Cliff over at Immortal Ephemera has an amazing deal right now: Free shipping on all orders over $25.00 with additional discounts depending on your total. Cliff sells classic film related photos, postcards, tobacco cards, and other ephemera. Great selection and fantastic customer service.


It’s giveaway time!

The lovely folks over at Fox Home Entertainment are providing a copy of Patton (1970) on Blu-ray.

To enter the giveaway there are two requirements:

1) In an effort to curb spam entries, I’m requiring all entrants to subscribe to this website via email. You can do so at the very bottom of the page. Don’t worry– your email will remain private.

2) You must send an email to Contests (at) sittinonabackyardfence (dot) com. Please include “PATTON GIVEAWAY” in the subject line.


You have until Monday, December 17th at Midnight EST to enter. The winner will be chosen via random drawing and contacted during the day on the 18th.

This contest is only available to U.S. residents.



Full disclosure: Some of the links to Amazon are linked to this site’s affiliates page.


Quick Update

Why have I been absent from The Fence, you ask? Three words:

Two. Year. Old.

Although the little one has kept me from my blog home, there’s much to report! First of all, I want to send out a very belated thank you to all of the bloggers who contributed to the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon back in August. It was a great success! Michael from ScribeHard on Film and I had a wonderful time hosting the event and we plan to bring it back next year.

In September, The Fence was awarded Best Classic Movie Blog Design from the Classic Movie Blog Association. Many thanks to my fellow CMBA members and congrats to all of the winners!

More exciting news! Carley from The Kitty Packard Pictorial , Michael from ScribeHard on Film, and I have launched a new website:  Classic Screenings. Our goal is to provide up-to-the-minute information on screenings to classic film fans across the globe. The site is a work in progress as we add new locations weekly. If you would like to add your local theatre to the listings at, send an email here.

I am now a special contributor to the website CC2K. Many of my classic film and book reviews will be featured there. It’s a great site on all things pop-culture. Make sure to check it out!

Over the coming days and weeks, The Fence will be back in operation with many film and book reviews. Stay tuned!

Michael and Jill Present: The 2012 TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon!

For classic movie lovers, TCM’s Summer Under the Stars is like Christmas, the Oscars, the Super Bowl, and every Hollywood red carpet gala rolled into one.  For 31 days, we are treated to a collection of films featuring the stars we love, the stars we discover for the first time, or the stars we’ve always wanted to get to know better.

That got us to thinking: what better way is there to commemorate this month-long celebration of classic stars and classic movies than to co-host a month-long collection of classic blogs created by the classic members of the online blogging community?

That’s a lot of class!

Thus the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon was born!  But a blogathon of this magnitude will take more than one host to run it, so instead, you get two:

Two great Bloggers that Blog great together!  All we need now is … you!

At the bottom of this page is the TCM Summer Under the Stars schedule for its entire 2012 run.  Pick a movie … pick a star … pick a whole day … pick five … ten … whatever!  This is a month-long blogathon and we want to showcase as many bloggers as many times as we can.  And because your picks will coincide with their respective SUTS days, you can plan as far in advance as you need to.

Whether your medium is the written word, stories in pictures, video tributes, or even a simple haiku (see what Michael did there?), we want you to make the great Summer Under the Stars event even greater.

The process is really simple:

  • Make your pick (did we mention you can pick as many as you want?)
  • Send us ( and an email as far in advance of your pick’s SUTS day as possible so that we can give you maximum exposure.  Include what you would like to contribute, in what form, and the name of your blog (with the url)
  • We will send you a banner to add to your blog (if you would be so kind)
  • The day before your particular SUTS day (or sooner if you have it), send us the link to your post.  On your SUTS day, we will add your link to our sites, as well as promote your blog via Twitter and Facebook.
  • Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

And by the way, there are no such things as duplicate entries here.  Everyone has a unique voice.  If ten people want to write about The Apartment (Billy Wilder, 1960) on August 22, or if ten people want to pay homage to Marilyn Monroe on August 4, we don’t see those as ten duplicate posts – we see them as ten unique perspectives on one particular subject, and we can’t wait to see them all.

Won’t you please join us?

Michael and Jill



Wednesday, August 1 – John Wayne

6:00 AM    Flying Leathernecks (’51)

7:45 AM    Allegheny Uprising (’39)

9:15 AM    Stagecoach (’39)

11:00 AM    Red River (’48)

1:15 PM    The Searchers (’56)

3:15 PM    Rio Bravo (’59)

5:45 PM    McLintock! (’63)

8:00 PM    She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (’49)

10:00 PM    They Were Expendable (’45)

12:30 AM    Operation Pacific (’51)

2:30 AM    Trouble Along the Way (’53)

4:30 AM    Tall in the Saddle (’44)

Thursday, August 2 – Myrna Loy

6:00 AM    The Great Divide (’29)

7:15 AM    The Naughty Flirt (’31)

8:15 AM    The Barbarian (’33)

9:45 AM    When Ladies Meet (’33)

11:15 AM    The Prizefighter and the Lady (’33)

1:00 PM    Libeled Lady (’36)

2:45 PM    Wife vs. Secretary (’36)

4:15 PM    The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (’47)

6:00 PM    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (’48)

8:00 PM    The Best Years of Our Lives (’46)

11:00 PM    The Thin Man (’34)

12:45 AM    Cheaper by the Dozen (’50)

2:15 AM    Penthouse (’32)

4:00 AM    Test Pilot (’38)

Friday, August 3 – Johnny Weissmuller*

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan character and in celebration of gold-medalist-turned-actor Weismuller as London hosts the 2012 Olympics

6:00 AM    Tarzan and the Mermaids (’48)

7:30 AM    Tarzan and the Huntress (’47)

9:00 AM    Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (’46)

10:15 AM    Tarzan and the Amazons (’45)

11:45 AM    Tarzan’s Desert Mystery (’43)

1:00 PM    Tarzan Triumphs (’43)

2:30 PM    Tarzan’s New York Adventure (’42)

3:45 PM    Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (’41)

5:15 PM    Tarzan Finds a Son! (’39)

6:45 PM    Tarzan:  Silver Screen King of the Jungle (’04)

8:00 PM    Tarzan, the Ape Man (’32)

10:00 PM    Tarzan and His Mate (’34)

12:00 AM    Tarzan Escapes (’36)

1:45 AM    Jungle Jim (’48)

3:00 AM    The Lost Tribe (’49)

4:30 AM    Pygmy Island (’50)


Saturday, August 4 – Marilyn Monroe*

Marking the 50th anniversary of Monroe’s death

6:00 AM    The Asphalt Jungle (’50)

8:00 AM    Clash by Night (’52)

10:00 AM    Niagara (’52)

12:00 PM    River of No Return (’54)

2:00 PM    The Prince and the Showgirl (’57)

4:15 PM    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (’53)

6:00 PM    The Seven Year Itch (’55)

8:00 PM    The Essentials: Some Like it Hot (’59)

10:15 PM    Bus Stop (’56)

12:00 AM    How to Marry a Millionaire (’53)

1:45 AM    There’s No Business Like Show Business (’54)

4:00 AM    Let’s Make Love (’60)

Sunday, August 5 – Claude Rains

6:00 AM    Gold is Where You Find It (’38)

7:45 AM    They Won’t Forget (’37)

9:30 AM    Four Daughters (’38)

11:00 AM    Four Wives (’39)

1:00 PM    Four Mothers (’41)

2:30 PM    Kings Row (’42)

4:45 PM    Now, Voyager (’42)

6:45 PM    The Wolf Man (’41)

8:00 PM    The Essentials Jr.: The Invisible Man (’33)

9:30 PM    Mr. Skeffington (’44)

12:15 AM    The Unsuspected (’47)

2:15 AM    The Adventures of Robin Hood (’38)

4:15 AM    Twilight of Honor (’63)

Monday, August 6 – Van Heflin*

6:00 AM    The Outcasts of Poker Flat (’37)

7:15 AM    H.M. Pulham, Esq. (’41)

9:15 AM    Tennessee Johnson (’42)

11:00 AM    Presenting Lily Mars (’43)

12:45 PM    Possessed (’47)

2:45 PM    Act of Violence (’49)

4:15 PM    Madame Bovary (’49)

6:15 PM    Cry of Battle (’63)

8:00 PM    3:10 to Yuma (’57)

9:45 PM    Johnny Eager (’42)

11:45 PM    The Prowler (’51)

1:30 AM    Patterns (’56)

3:00 AM    Battle Cry (’55)

Tuesday, August 7 – Sidney Poitier

6:00 AM    Cry, the Beloved Country (’52)

8:00 AM    Blackboard Jungle (’55)

10:00 AM    Good-Bye, My Lady (’56)

12:00 PM    Something of Value (’57)

2:00 PM    Paris Blues (’61)

4:00 PM    The Bedford Incident (’65)

6:00 PM    A Patch of Blue (’65)

8:00 PM    A Raisin in the Sun (’61)

10:15 PM    To Sir, with Love (’67)

12:15 AM    Edge of the City (’57)

2:00 AM    Buck and the Preacher (’72)

4:00 AM    The Organization (’71)

Wednesday, August 8 – Rita Hayworth

6:00 AM    Affectionately Yours (’41)

7:30 AM    Angels Over Broadway (’40)

9:00 AM    The Money Trap (’66)

10:45 AM    The Lady from Shanghai (’48)

12:15 PM    Only Angels Have Wings (’39)

2:30 PM    Tonight and Every Night (’45)

4:15 PM    You’ll Never Get Rich (’41)

6:00 PM    The Strawberry Blonde (’41)

8:00 PM    Pal Joey (’57)

10:00 PM    Down to Earth (’47)

12:00 AM    Gilda (’46)

2:00 AM    You Were Never Lovelier (’42)

4:00 AM    Miss Sadie Thompson (’53)


Thursday, August 9 – Toshiro Mifune*

6:00 AM    Drunken Angel (’48)

7:45 AM    Rashomon (’50)

9:15 AM    Seven Samurai (’54)

12:45 PM    Throne of Blood (’57)

2:45 PM    Yojimbo (’61)

4:45 PM    Red Beard (’65)

8:00 PM    Samurai I:  Musashi Miyamoto (’54)

9:45 PM    Samurai II:  Duel at Ichijoji Temple (’55)

11:45 PM    Samurai III:  Duel at Ganryu Island (’56)

1:45 AM    Samurai Rebellion (’67)

4:00 AM    Moshuto, the Rickshaw Man (’58)

 Friday, August 10 – Lionel Barrymore*

6:00 AM    West of Zanzibar (’28)

7:15 AM    The Devil Doll (’36)

8:45 AM    Mata Hari (’31)

10:15 AM    Grand Hotel (’32)

12:15 PM    Should Ladies Behave? (’33)

1:45 PM    This Side of Heaven (’34)

3:15 PM    The Return of Peter Grimm (’36)

4:45 PM    A Yank at Oxford (’38)

6:30 PM    Young Dr. Kildare (’38)

8:00 PM    You Can’t Take it With You (’38)

10:15 PM    Night Flight (’33)

12:00 AM    Key Largo (’48)

2:00 AM    The Gorgeous Hussy (’36)

4:00 AM    Lone Star (’52)

Saturday, August 11 – James Mason

6:00 AM    Lord Jim (’65)

8:45 AM    Thunder Rock (’42)

11:00 AM    The Seventh Veil (’45)

12:45 PM    The Sea Gull (’68)

3:15 PM    Evil Under the Sun (’82)

5:30 PM    Journey to the Center of the Earth (’59)

8:00 PM    The Essentials: Lolita (’62)

10:45 PM    The Desert Fox (’51)

12:30 AM    A Star is Born (’54)

3:30 AM    Mayerling (’68)

Sunday, August 12 – Ginger Rogers

6:00 AM    Rafter Romance (’33)

7:30 AM    Carefree (’38)

9:15 AM    Fifth Avenue Girl (’39)

11:00 AM    Kitty Foyle (’40)

1:00 PM    Bachelor Mother (’39)

2:30 PM    Primrose Path (’40)

4:15 PM    Shall We Dance (’37)

6:15 PM    Vivacious Lady (’37)

8:00 PM    The Essentials Jr.: 42nd Street (’33)

9:45 PM    Swing Time (’36)

11:45 PM    Stage Door (’37)

1:30 AM    The Barkleys of Broadway (’49)

3:30 AM    Weekend at the Waldorf (’45)

Monday, August 13 – Deborah Kerr

6:00 AM    Vacation from Marriage (’45)

7:45 AM    The Hucksters (’47)

9:45 AM    Edward, My Son (’49)

11:45 AM    Dream Wife (’53)

1:30 PM    Young Bess (’53)

3:30 PM    The Sundowners (’60)

5:45 PM    The Journey (’59)

8:00 PM    Black Narcissus (’47)

10:00 PM    Tea and Sympathy (’56)

12:15 AM    From Here to Eternity (‘53)

2:30 AM    The Innocents (’61)

4:30 AM    Please Believe Me (’50)

Tuesday, August 14 – James Cagney

6:00 AM    Smart Money (’31)

7:30 AM    The Public Enemy (’31)

9:00 AM    Lady Killer (’33)

10:30 AM    G-Men (’35)

12:00 PM    Each Dawn I Die (’39)

1:45 PM    The Fighting 69th (’40)

3:30 PM    Captains of the Clouds (’42)

5:30 PM    A Lion is in the Streets (’53)

7:00 PM    James Cagney:  Top of the World (’92)

8:00 PM    City for Conquest (’40)

10:00 PM    White Heat (’49)

12:00 AM    Footlight Parade (’33)

2:00 AM    One, Two, Three (’61)

4;15 AM    The Seven Little Foys (’55)

Wednesday, August 15 – Lillian Gish*

6:00 AM    Broken Blossoms (’19)

7:45 AM    Orphans of the Storm (’21)

10:30 AM    La Boheme (’26)

12:15 PM    The Scarlet Letter (’26)

2:00 PM    Commandos Strike at Dawn (’42)

3:45 PM    Portrait of Jennie (’48)

5:15 PM    The Comedians (’67)

8:00 PM    Intolerance (’16)

11:30 PM    The Wind (’28)

1:00 AM    The Night of the Hunter (’55)

2:45 AM    Orders to Kill (’58)

4:45 AM    One Romantic Night (’30)

Thursday, August 16 – Elvis Presley

Marking the 35th anniversary of Presley’s death

6:00 AM    It Happened at the World’s Fair (’63)

8:00 AM    Kissin’ Cousins (’64)

9:45 AM    Girl Happy (’65)

11:30 AM    Harum Scarum (’65)

1:00 PM    Double Trouble (’67)

2:45 PM    Stay Away Joe (’68)

4:30 PM    Charro! (’69)

6:15 PM    The Trouble with Girls (’69)

8:00 PM    Elvis on Tour (’72)

9:45 PM    Jailhouse Rock (’57)

11:30 PM    Viva Las Vegas (’64)

1:00 AM    Speedway (’68)

2:45 AM    Spinout (’66)

4:30 AM    Live a Little, Love a Little (’68)

Friday, August 17 – Katharine Hepburn

6:00 AM    Christopher Strong (’33)

7:30 AM    Song of Love (’47)

9:45 AM    Mary of Scotland (’36)

12:00 PM    The Lion in Winter (’68)

2:30 PM    Woman of the Year (’42)

4:30 PM    Adam’s Rib (’49)

6:15 PM    Pat and Mike (’52)

8:00 PM    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (’67)

10:00 PM    Little Women (’33)

12:15 AM    Bringing Up Baby (’38)

2:15 AM    Morning Glory (’33)

3:45 AM    The Madwoman of Challot (’69)

 Saturday, August 18 – Freddie Bartholomew*

6:00 AM    A Yank at Eton (’42)

8:00 AM     The Devil is a Sissy (’36)

10:00 AM    Tom Brown’s School Days (’40)

11:30 AM    Lord Jeff (’38)

1:00 PM    Listen, Darling (’38)

2:30 PM    Anna Karenina (’35)

4:30 PM    Professional Soldier (’35)

6:00 PM    Little Lord Fauntleroy (’36)

8:00 PM    The Essentials: Captains Courageous (’37)

10:15 PM    Kidnapped (’38)

12:00 AM    Lloyds of London (’36)

2:15 AM    David Copperfield (’35)

4:30 AM    Sepia Cinderella (’47)


Sunday, August 19 – Eva Marie Saint*

6:00 AM    All Fall Down (’62)

8:00 AM    The Sandpiper (’65)

10:00 AM    36 Hours (’65)

12:00 PM    On the Waterfront (’54)

2:00 PM    Grand Prix (’66)

5:00 PM    Raintree County (’57)

8:00 PM    The Essentials Jr.: North by Northwest (’59)

10:30 PM    Destination Hitchcock:  The Making of North by Northwest (’00)

11:15 PM    A Hatful of Rain (’57)

1:00 AM    Exodus (’60)

4:30 AM    Loving (’70)

Monday, August 20 – Anthony Quinn*

6:00 AM     Knockout (’41)

7:15 AM     The Ox-Bow Incident (’43)

8:45 AM     Black Gold (’47)

10:45 AM     Requiem for a Heavyweight (’62)

12:30 PM     Ride, Vaquero (’53)

2:15 PM     The Guns of Navarone (’61)

5:00 PM     Lion of the Desert (’81)

8:00 PM     Zorba the Greek (’64)

10:30 PM     Lust for Life (’56)

12:45 AM     Mohammed: Messenger from God (’76)

4:00 AM     A Dream of Kings (’69)

 Tuesday, August 21 – Kay Francis*

6:00 AM    Doctor Monica (’34)

7:00 AM    Mary Stevens, MD (’33)

8:15 AM    Jewel Robbery (’32)

9:30 AM    One Way Passage (’32)

10:45 AM    The Keyhole (’33)

12:00 PM    British Agent (’34)

1:30 PM    Confession (’37)

3:00 PM    Women are Like That (’38)

4:30 PM    Little Men (’40)

6:00 PM    The Feminine Touch (’41)

8:00 PM    Guilty Hands (’31)

9:30 PM    The House on 56th Street (’33)

10:45 PM    Mandalay (’34)

12:00 AM    Stranded (’35)

1:30 AM    Give Me Your Heart (’36)

3:15 AM    My Bill (’38)

4:30 AM    Play Girl (’40)

Wednesday, August 22 – Jack Lemmon

6:00 AM    Phffft! (’54)

8:00 AM    Mister Roberts (’55)

10:15 AM    Good Neighbor Sam (’64)

12:30 PM    How to Murder Your Wife (’65)

2:45 PM    The Great Race (’65)

5:45 PM    The Apartment (’60)

8:00 PM    The Fortune Cookie (’66)

10:15 PM    My Sister Eileen (’55)

12:15 AM    Cowboy (’58)

2:00 AM    Days of Wine and Roses (’62)

4:15 AM    Buddy Buddy (’81)

Thursday, August 23 – Gene Kelly

Co-hosted by Gene Kelly’s wife, Patricia Kelly, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kelly’s birth

6:00 AM    For Me and My Gal (’42)

8:00 AM    Anchors Aweigh (’45)

10:30 AM    The Three Musketeers (’48)

1:00 PM    Take Me Out to the Ball Game (’49)

2:45 PM    The Pirate (’48)

4:30 PM    Invitation to the Dance (’56)

6:15 PM    On the Town (’49)

8:00 PM    Cover Girl (’44)

10:00 PM    An American in Paris (’51)

12:00 AM    Singin’ in the Rain (’52)

2:00 AM    Inherit the Wind (’60)

4:15 AM    Black Hand (’50)

Friday, August 24 – Irene Dunne


6:00 AM    Symphony of Six Million (’32)

8:00 AM    Bachelor Apartment (’31)

9:30 AM    The Secret of Madame Blanche (’33)

11:00 AM    The White Cliffs of Dover (’44)

1:15 PM    Consolation Marriage (’31)

2:45 PM    Theodora Goes Wild (’36)

4:30 PM    Together Again (’44)

6:15 PM    My Favorite Wife (’40)

8:00 PM    The Awful Truth (’37)

9:45 PM    A Guy Named Joe (’43)

12:00 AM    Life with Father (’47)

2:15 AM    Show Boat (’36)

4:15 AM    Never a Dull Moment (’50)

Saturday, August 25 – Tyrone Power*

6:00 AM    Marie Antoinette (’38)

8:45 AM    The Long Gray Line (’55)

11:15 AM    The Sun Also Rises (’57)

1:30 PM    Johnny Apollo (’40)

3:15 PM    Captain from Castile (’47)

5:45 PM    The Eddy Duchin Story (’56)

8:00 PM    The Essentials: The Razor’s Edge (’46)

10:45 PM    Jesse James (’39)

12:45 AM    A Yank in the RAF (’41)

2:30 AM    Witness for the Prosecution (’57)

4:30 AM    The Rising of the Moon (’57)

Sunday, August 26 – Gary Cooper

6:00 AM    Dallas (’50)

8:00 AM    Along Came Jones (’45)

9:45 AM    Gary Cooper:  American Life, American Legend (’91)

10:45 AM    Sergeant York (’41)

1:00 PM    Garden of Evil (’54)

3:15 PM    Love in the Afternoon (’57)

5:30 PM    The Pride of the Yankees (’42)

8:00 PM    The Essentials Jr.: Ball of Fire (’41)

10:00 PM    Man of the West (’58)

12:00 AM    Friendly Persuasion (’56)

2:30 AM    The Fountainhead (’49)

4:30 AM    One Sunday Afternoon (’33)

Monday, August 27 – Jeanette MacDonald*

6:00 AM    New Moon (’40)

8:00 AM    Three Daring Daughters (’48)

10:00 AM    Rose Marie (’36)

12:00 PM    Smilin’ Through (’41)

2:00 PM    Naughty Marietta (’35)

4:00 PM    The Firefly (’37)

6:15 PM    Bitter Sweet (’40)

8:00 PM    San Francisco (’36)

10:15 PM    Maytime (’37)

12:45 AM    The Merry Widow (’34)

2:30 AM    Sweethearts (’38)

4:30 AM    I Married an Angel (’42)

Tuesday, August 28 – Ava Gardner

6:00 AM    Hitler’s Madman (’43)

7:45 AM    Maisie Goes to Reno (’44)

9:30 AM    East Side, West Side (’49)

11:30 AM    Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (’51)

1:45 PM    Knights of the Round Table (’53)

3:45 PM    Bhowani Junction (’56)

5:45 PM    The Night of the Iguana (’64)

8:00 PM    55 Days at Peking (’63)

10:45 PM    The Bribe (’49)

12:30 AM    Mogambo (’53)

2:30 AM    Seven Days in May (’64)

4:45 AM    My Forbidden Past (’51)

Wednesday, August 29 – Ingrid Bergman

Marking the 30th anniversary of Bergman’s death

6:00 AM    Adam Had Four Sons (‘41)

7:45 AM    Rage in Heaven (’41)

9:30 AM    Saratoga Trunk (‘45)

12:00 PM    Under Capricorn (’49)

2:00 PM    Stromboli (’50)

4:00 PM    Europa ’51 (’52)

6:00 PM    Gaslight (’44)

8:00 PM    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (’41)

10:00 PM    Casablanca (’42)

12:00 AM    Joan of Arc (’48)

2:30 AM    Elena and Her Men (’56)

4:15 AM    Autumn Sonata (’78)

Thursday, August 30 – Warren William*

6:00 AM    Bedside (’34)

7:15 AM    The First Hundred Years (’38)

8:30 AM    Wives Under Suspicion (’38)

9:45 AM    The Mouthpiece (’32)

11:15 AM    Skyscraper Souls (’32)

1:00 PM    Three on a Match (’32)

2:15 PM    The Match King (’32)

3:45 PM    The Mind Reader (’33)

5:00 PM    Gold Diggers of 1933 (’33)

6:45 PM    Times Square Playboy (’36)

8:00 PM    Lady for a Day (’33)

9:45 PM    Cleopatra (’34)

11:45 PM    Employees Entrance (’33)

1:15 AM    The Case of the Howling Dog (’34)

2:45 AM    The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt (’39)

4:00 AM    Arsene Lupin Returns (’38)

Friday, August 31 – James Caan*


6:00 AM    The Glory Guys (’65)

8:00 AM    Submarine X-1 (’68)

9:30 AM    Slither (’73)

11:15 AM    Harry and Walter Go to New York (’76)

1:15 PM    Another Man, Another Chance (’77)

3:45 PM    Comes a Horseman (’78)

5:45 PM    Chapter Two (’80)

8:00 PM    Rollerball (’75)

10:15 PM    Hide in Plain Sight (’80)

12:00 AM    Thief (’81)

2:15 AM    Countdown (’68)

4:00 AM    The Rain People (’69)>

Maurice Sendak Dead at 83

Maurice Sendak, author of the popular and iconic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are has died at the age of 83. He was known for his clever take on the difficult aspects of childhood. According to The Wrap:

“While other authors and illustrators recoiled from the darker side of childhood, Sendak embraced it. Though he wrote and illustrated some 20 of his own stories — while illustrating dozens of others — none were as celebrated as the 1963 “Where the Wild Things Are,” a sometimes melancholy story of a young boy, Max, who is banished to his room and runs away to a land filled with beasts who “let the wild rumpus start.”

In 2009, Sendak’s tale was adapted into a feature length motion picture directed by Spike Jonze. The film featured the voice talents of James Gandolfini and Catherine O’Hara. The role of the little boy Max was portrayed by Max Records, who gets my vote for coolest name ever.

Personally, I wasn’t aware of Where the Wild Things Are

growing up. My husband, on the other hand, grew up reading and loving it. When we had our daughter Ellie in October 2010, we made sure a copy was prominently placed on her bookshelf. In addition to Where the Wild Things Are, we also have the book Bears

written by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Sendak. His stories are simple, heartfelt, and a pleasure to read.

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Sendak remarked:

I don’t write for children, I write. And somebody says, ‘That’s for children.’ I didn’t set out to make children happy, or make life better for them, or easier for them. … I like them as few and far between as I do adults. Maybe a bit more because I really don’t like adults.”

Farewell, Mr. Sendak.