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Hollywood Rides a Bike

If you’re anything like me, you love photos of classic movie stars engaging in very normal, unglamorous activities. Although many were staged for studio publicity, it’s nice to pretend these are candid images from the private family album. Cary and Randolph washing dishes, Bogie and Bacall lounging on the sofa, Katharine on a skateboard, Shirley and Sachi with matching hairdos and pearls– all well known “home life” photos. Steven Rea, film critic for The Philadelphia Inquirer, has assembled an impressive collection of images featuring beloved icons alongside one of the simplest modes of transportation: the bicycle.

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Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital 1928-1937

Jean Harlow epitomizes the essence of old Hollywood glamour and stardom. Although she died young, she has an  immortal presence that has lasted for over 70 years. Perhaps it’s because we never saw her grow old. Her youthfulness, beauty, and sexuality are all perfectly preserved as if she were truly alive and breathing. Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital (1928-1937) is a loving and dedicated tribute to “The Baby.”  The book is filled with photos from author Darrell Rooney’s personal collection (one of the most complete Harlow collections in existence),and a well written biography by Mark A. Vieira that only a fan could compose. Vieira describes Harlow as intelligent, well-read, friendly, and loving–and always seeking love.

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Gary Cooper: Enduring Style

When thinking about men’s fashion in old Hollywood, there are two actors who immediately come to mind: Cary Grant and Gary Cooper. Both had impeccable taste and appreciated high quality, custom tailored clothing, and both had wardrobes inspired by European fashion. Although Grant looked great in everything, he didn’t always look comfortable in more casual attire. This is not the case with Gary Cooper. He somehow made a cowboy hat and jeans look attainable to the every man, yet kept a look of sophistication.

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