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Day 31: Rex Harrison

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s tribute to Kirk Douglas. Please make sure you check out the great contributions to Doulgas.

We close out our 2013 Summer Under the Stars Blogathon with 24 hours dedicated to Rex Harrison.


Some trivia on Rex Harrison:

  • Harrison’s film debut was in 1930 in the film The Great Game, but it wasn’t until his role in Blithe Spirit in 1945 that made him a star. (
  • Harrison joins an elite group of actors who have both won a Tony and an Oscar for the same performance. Harrison won for his role in My Fair Lady. (IMDB)
  • Although he took singing lessons in preparing for his role as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, Harrison still could not sing. An arrangement was made for him to talk-sing his role. (IMDB)

 On to the blogging…


We are very happy to have The Lady Eve back with us for the final day of the Blogathon with her excellent essay Unfaithfully Rex

Margaret Perry, of The Great Katharine Hepburn, joins us one last time with some great Harrison quotes, as well as her list of Must- (and Might-) See Harrison films.

Brandie checks in one more time at The Moviola with her take on Harrison in Preston Sturges’ Unfaithfully Yours.

And Le from Critica Retro joins us one more time with a comparison of kings!  It’s Rex Harrison vs. Yul Brynner in a Siam smackdown for the ages!  (And remember … hit TRANSLATE!)

There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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