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Day 26: Jeanne Crain

Thanks to everyone who participated in our tribute to Clark Gable. Please make sure to check out all the great contributions dedicated to the King of Hollywood. 

For the next 24 hours we honor the beautiful and talented Jeanne Crain.

Here is some trivia on Jeanne Crain:

  • According to IMDb, 20th Century Fox wanted Crain to play the role of Eve Harrington in All About Eve, but Joseph Mankiewicz didn’t think she was much of an actress. (IMDb)
  • Crain made her uncredited debut in the film The Gang’s All Here (1943) (IMDb)
  • In her musicals at Fox, Crain’s singing voice was dubbed by Louanne Hogan. (TCMDB)
  • In 1941, while still in high school, Crain auditioned for the role of Lucy in Orson Welles’ The Magnificent Ambersons. (TCMDB)

Up first is returning blogger Sean from The Joy and Agony of Movies with his take on Crain in Leave Her to Heaven.

At The Moviola, Carley is back with a review of Crain’s role in the delightful Margie. 

As part of her Musical Mondays series, Jessica from Comet Over Hollywood looks at Crain’s performance in You Were Meant For Me 

Check back throughout the day for more great posts!

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She was a pleasant, lightweight personality but I agree with Mankiewicz she wasn’t much of an actress and would have been a fatal flaw in Eve. She could have handled the sickly sweet surface of the early Eve but the feral animal harbored underneath would have been beyond her scope. She was okay in A Letter to Three Wives because her part was the least demanding but Ann Sothern and especially Linda Darnell put her in the shade.

There are a couple of films of hers that are showing today that look intriguing, You Were Meant for Me, Twenty Plus Two (with Agnes Moorehead, yea!) and the one I’ve been trying to catch for years The Model and the Marriage Broker with Thelma Ritter.

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