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Day 24: Charles Coburn

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s tribute to Elizabeth Taylor. Please make sure you check out all the contributions dedicated to Dame Elizabeth.

For the next 24 hours we honor one of the great character actors: Charles Coburn.

Trivia on Charles Coburn:

  • Coburn was born in Macon, GA and started off as a program boy in the Savannah Theatre. In 1901 he made his stage debut and later formed a touring acting troupe alongside his wife Ivah Wills, called The Coburn Players. (Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia)
  • Coburn’s signature monocle was more than just a prop–he actually needed vision correction in the one eye. Coburn famously said “”No point having two window panes where one will do” (IMDb)
  • In 1937, Coburn’s wife died and he signed a film contract. Although he had already been in a few films prior to signing his contract, it is 1937 when his career in Hollywood really took off. Coburn was 60 years old.(IMDb)
  • Upon his death, Coburn left all of his scripts, scrapbooks, celebrity photographs, stills, etc. with the University of Georgia library. (Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of Georgia)

On to the blogging…

Leading off is Louis from Smum County with his Know Your Character Actor look at Charles Coburn.

Brandie at True Classics returns with a look at Coburn’s performance in Princess O’Rourke, or: How to Marry a Refugee Royal.

Also returning is Cliff from Immortal Ephemera with juicy Coburn quotes about his start in theater, politics, his monocle … even Marilyn Monroe!

Sean from The Joy and Agony of Movies returns to the Blogathon with a look at Coburn in his Oscar winning role in The More the Merrier

Returning to the Blogathon is Duke Mantee at Picture Spoilers with a look at Coburn’s Oscar-winning performance in The More the Merrier.


There’s more to come, so stay tuned!

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