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Day 21: William Holden

Thanks to everyone who contributed to yesterday’s tribute to the wonderful Hattie McDaniel. Please make sure you check out all the wonderful posts. For the next 24 hours we honor the wonderful William Holden, king of the 1950s and one of Billy Wilder’s favorites.

Trivia on William Holden:

  • According to TCM’s The 50 Most Unforgetable Actors of the Studio Era: Leading Men, in gratitude for her support during the filming of Golden Boy (1939), Holden sent his co-star and dear friend Barbara Stanwyck red roses every year on the anniversary of the film’s start date (p. 102)
  • To persuade Holden to sign on to star in The Bridge on the River Kwai, the producers offered him $50,000/year for the rest of his life. (p.103)
  • Montgomery Clift was offered the role of Joe Gillis in Billy Wilder’s Sunset Blvd., but turned it down. Billy Wilder decided to take a chance and hired Holden for the role. (p.101)
  • Holden was an alcoholic which ultimately had a negative effect on his career. He returned in the 1960s and 1970s to give two of his greatest performances: The Wild Bunch and Network. (IMDb)
  • In 1982, shortly after Holden’s death, Barbara Stanwyck accepted her honorary Academy Award. Clutching her award she said “This is for you, my Golden Boy.” (p. 102)

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