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Day 14: Bette Davis

Thanks to everyone who honored Mickey Rooney in yesterday’s tribute. Please make sure you head over and read all of the awesome contributions.

For the next 24 hours we honor the great Bette Davis. That’s Ms. Bette Davis, to you.

Here is some trivia on Ms. Davis:

  • In 1929, Davis made her Broadway debut in the comedy Broken Dishes. (
  • In 1942, Bette Davis and John Garfield (and a few others) opened the Hollywood Canteen: a club where soldiers could relax, dance, get good food and socialize before heading off overseas. Many celebrities volunteered at the Canteen during its 3 years. In 1980, Davis received the Defense Department’s Distinguished Civilian Service Medal for starting the Canteen. (Official Bette Davis website)
  • Davis sued Warner Brothers for a lack of good roles, but lost her battle. Davis had to ride out the rest of her contract, regardless of the films. In the 1940s, fellow Warner Brothers contract star Olivia de Havilland would also file suit against Warner Brothers, but she won. The “de Havilland” rule was put in place to limit film contracts to no more than 7 years. (TCMDB)
  • Once again facing a lull in her career and needing to pay the bills, Davis put out an ad in Variety in the 1960s requesting work. (TCMDB)

On to the blogging…

Margaret Perry returns to the blogathon with some trivia, quotes, and her picks for best Bette Davis films to watch today.

Over at True Classics, Sarah joins in with a look at Bette’s performance in the melodramatic Dark Victory. (PROGNOSIS NEGATIVE!!!!!!)

Aurora from Once Upon a Screen returns with a pictorial tribute to Ms. Davis.

Jennifer Garlen from Virtual Virago is back again with a look at one of my personal favorites, Dangerous

Angela from The Hollywood Revue makes her 2013 Blogathon debut with Five Reasons Why I Love Bette Davis. Also make sure you check out Angela’s solo “Blogging Under the Stars” project. She is writing every single day for a month! Stop by and cheer her on.

Cliff from Immortal Ephemera returns with an awesome digital scrapbook of Davis’s career from 1928 through her breakout role in Of Human Bondage in 1934.

Kristen from Journeys in Classic Filmwrites about one of Davis’s finest performances, Jezebel

Giles from Sometimes They Go to Eleven returns with a piece on Bette’s performance in The Nanny

At The Moviola, Carley gives an in-depth analysis of one of Bette’s greatest roles in Anatomy of a Bitch: Bette Davis’ Jezebel



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[…] right. But, today being Bette Davis day over at Turner Classic Movies, and our own Jill Blake’s Summer Under the Stars Blogathon, how about we take a closer look at William Wyler’s underrated gem of a film, Jezebel, which won […]

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