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Day 7: Fred MacMurray

Yesterday’s tribute to Joan Fontaine was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who participated. Please make sure you check out all the excellent contributions to Ms. Fontaine.


For the next 24 hours, we honor the versatile Fred MacMurray.

Fun trivia on Fred MacMurray:

  • MacMurray was named the very first “Disney Legend” in 1987. (The Disney Blog)
  • When his first wife Lillian Lamont passed away in 1953, June Haver, who he had previously met, came out of a convent to marry him. Haver and MacMurray remained together until his passing in 1991. (
  • MacMurray became a spokesperson for Greyhound buslines later in his life (IMDb)
  • Believe it or not, MacMurray was not the first choice for the leading role in My 3 Sons. It was only after Eddie Albert turned down the role that it was offered to MacMurray. (IMDb)

On to the blogging:

Constance from Silver Scenes returns with a look at MacMurray’s career with Disney.

John from Twenty Four Frames makes his Blogathon debut with an excellent essay on the Richard Quine’s Pushover, starring Fred MacMurray.

Jessica from Jess in a Yellow Dress returns with a look at one of her favorite Fred MacMurray performances

And over at The Moviola, Drew offers his analysis on Double Indemnity.

More to come, so stay tuned!

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I’ve always really liked MacMurray. He always seemed so down to earth and gentlemanly :)

D Tenore-Bartilucci (@DorianTB)

We of Team Bartilucci love Fred MacMurray because he was a swell guy in real life AND a much better actor than he gets credit for! Our favorite “Naughty Fred” roles include not only DOUBLE INDEMNITY, but also THE APARTMENT and THE CAINE MUTINY!


For a long time Fred was always the Dad on My Three Sons to me since that’s what I grew up watching. Over the last decade or so I’ve discovered a good deal of his early work aside from Double Indemnity and find him much more talented than I had previously thought.

Some of the highlights I’ve found: He was delightful in his films with Carole Lombard even singing and playing the concertina to great effect in The Princess Comes Across. He and Betty Bacall were wonderful in that elegant, sumptuous soap opera, A Women’s World surrounded by an all star cast. He made several fine films besides Indemnity with Barbara Stanwyck, the charming Remember the Night and Sirk’s There’s Always Tomorrow. The festival provide me with the chance to catch one of his films I’ve always been curious about The Lady is Willing with Marlene Dietrich and it was delightful, they made quite the glamorous and well matched couple. The film was a minor comedy but the two of them plus the great Aline MacMahon made it much better than it would have been.

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