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Day 6: Joan Fontaine

Thanks to all who participated in yesterday’s tribute to Charlton Heston. If you haven’t had the chance to read those contributions, please do!

For the next 24 hours, we honor a living Hollywood legend: Ms. Joan Fontaine.

Fun trivia on Joan Fontaine:

  • Fontaine’s film debut was under the name Joan Burfield, and was in the movie No More Ladies (1935). She later took her stepfather’s last name. (
  • The favorite leading man of Fontaine was Charles Boyer. The two of them starred together in The Constant Nymph (1943) (
  • Joan Fontaine and her sister Olivia de Havilland are the first sisters to win Academy Awards and the first to be nominated in the same year. (IMDb)

On to the blogging:

Giles from Sometimes They Go to Eleven returns to the Blogathon with a review of The Bigamist

Cliff from Immortal Ephemera is back with a biography, review of her memoir No Bed of Roses, and a preview of her TCM lineup today. He also has written an excellent review of The Constant Nymph, one of Fontaine’s personal favorites.

2012 Blogathon alum Le from Critica Retro joins us this year with her look at the wonderful Letter From an Unknown Woman

2012 Blogathon alum Sean from The Joy and Angoy of Movies joins us with his look at Fontaine’s performance in The Bigamist and Letter From an Unknown Woman.

We are thrilled to have our good friends over at the site True Classics join us again this year for the Blogathon. For
their 500th post, Brandie writes an essay on Fontaine’s performance in Letter From an Unknown Woman

Terry from A Shroud of Thoughts makes his Blogathon debut with The 2nd Mrs. DeWinter: Joan Fontaine in Rebecca (1940)

2012 Blogathon Alum Jessica from Jess in a Yellow Dress makes her 2013 debut with a piece on one of her favorite Fontaine performances.

Over at The Moviola, Diana looks at Joan Fontaine: Hitchcock’s First Leading Lady in Hollywood.

Clara from Just Chick Flicks gives us a great overview of some of Fontaine’s best performances

And Lara from Backlots joins in with a look Fontaine’s personal life, focusing on the complicated relationship she had with her mother Lillian. 


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Jill Blake

Hey Sean-

Sorry for the delay in posting. I’ve been on the road all day and Michael is limited in what he can do from work. But I’ve got you added now. Thanks for contributing!

D Tenore-Bartilucci (@DorianTB)

Just wanted to say you two are doing a great job, on the road or off! :-) I watched BORN TO BE BAD today, even though I rarely watch these kind of movies (though I do like Robert Ryan). Being used to Joan Fontaine as an actual damsel in distress in Hitchcock movies, I was impressed at what a great job she did playing a conniver! Thanks for showing me her shady side! :-)

Jill Blake


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