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Day 3: Alec Guinness

Our Day 2 tribute to Doris Day was a great success! Thanks to all who contributed and stopped by to read all the entries.

For the next 24 hours we honor the great Alec Guinness. He’s more than Obi-Wan Kenobi, you know…

Some fun trivia on Sir Alec Guinness:

  • Sir Guinness was an accomplished Shakespearean actor and preferred the stage to film. Over the course of his theatre career, he worked the Old Vic acting group,  under the direction of Sir John Gielgud and alongside actors such as Laurence Olivier and Peggy Ashcroft. (Telegraph)
  • On the set of Star Wars, Guinness penned a letter to a friend. In it, he wrote about one of his co-stars:

    I must off to studio and work…withyour fellow countrymen Mark Hamill and Tennyson (that can’t be right) Ford. Ellison (? – No!) – well, a rangy, languid young man who is probably intelligent and amusing. But Oh, God, God, they make me feel ninety – and treat me as if I was 106. – Oh, Harrison Ford – ever heard of him? (

  • Richard Attenborough, director of Gandhi, originally considered Guinness for the title role.
  • Guinness made 6 films in total with director David Lean: Great ExpectationsOliver Twist, Bridge on the River Kwai, Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, A Passage to India (

To the blogging…

First up is Blogathon newcomer Constance Metzinger from Silver Scenes with her fantastic piece on the Warner Archive release A Majority of One. This film sounds really great!

Next, Margaret from The Great KH is back with some great thoughts on, and quotes by, Guinness.

And yours truly has thrown her hat in the ring with a very long winded look at the David Lean epic Lawrence of Arabia.

Friend of The Fence, Angela, of The Hollywood Revue, is back with her Blogging Under the Stars event. Each day, Angela will blog about every single featured star during the Summer Under the Stars festival. She’s also kind enough to contribute to our Blogathon. Blogging every day is no easy task! Make sure you head over to Angela’s site and cheer her on!


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