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Day 1: Humphrey Bogart

We kick off the 2nd Annual TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon with the one and only Humphrey Bogart.

Here’s some fun trivia on Bogie:

  • In 1999, The American Film Institute named Humphrey Bogart the Greatest Male Star of All Time. (
  • An avid chess player, Bogart often played the game on set and even incorporated in his portrayal of Rick Blaine in Casablanca. During WWII, Bogart played chess via mail with US soldiers, but was forced to stop by the US government as a security precaution. (
  • During the filming of Beat the Devil, Bogart was in a car accident and seriously injured. As a result, director John Huston had to find an actor who could imitate Bogie (!!!) and dub some of his lines. He found an unknown British actor who could pull off a pretty good Bogie impression: Peter Sellers. (
  • Bogart’s mother Maude Humphrey was an artist and created ads for Mellin’s Baby Food. Baby Humphrey was featured in the first of Mellin’s ad campaigns. (

On to the blogging…

Joining the TCM Summer Under the Stars Blogathon for the first time is Jill (Hey, look it’s another Jill!) from Stix on the Beach with a look at Bogie, Bacall, & The Love Boat. Jill will be back with more posts for the Blogathon later!  You can follow Jill on Twitter at  @BellaKarma

Mary McCord is also a newcomer to the Blogathon. She’s also new to the classic film blogging community. On the return flight from the TCM Classic Film Festival, I sat next to Mary and her sister. We quickly learned that we both attended the festival and we talked about our wonderful experiences. A couple months ago Mary reached out and signed on for the SUTS Blogathon. Mary’s website Classic Film Watch features essays on two quintessential Humphrey Bogart noirs: Nicholas Ray’s In a Lonely Place and John Huston’s debut (and a favorite of The Fence)  The Maltese Falcon.

Margaret Perry, Katharine Hepburn fan extraordinaire, is back to the Blogathon this year with a fun post on Bogart filled with anecdotes and quotes. There may even be a Hepburn reference or two. Follow Margaret on Twitter at @MargaretPerryKH

Another Blogathon alum Aurora of Once Upon a Screen returns this year with a lovely pictorial dedicated to our cool Bogie. Follow Aurora on Twitter at @CitizenScreen

Cliff Aliperti of Immortal Ephemera is back to the Blogathon this year with a look at an interesting newspaper interview from very early on in Bogie’s career. Cliff points out that it’s fun to imagine the Bogie we know leading the interviewer on (he very well have been doing just that). Also, when reading the quotes in this piece, Cliff instructs us to read in Bogie’s distinctive voice. How fun! Follow Cliff on Twitter at @IEphemera

We welcome another Blogathon newcomer Gabriel of Gabriel’s Wharf with his piece No Good Action, which looks at the John Huston masterpiece The Maltese Falcon.

Miss Carley, straight from the hot new site The Moviola, joins us this year with her look at In A Lonely Place.

And don’t miss a great look at Tokyo Joe, courtesy of Judy at Move Classics.

Check back throughout the day because there are more entries coming! 


Also: Friend of The Fence, Angela, of The Hollywood Revue, is back with her Blogging Under the Stars event. Each day, Angela will blog about every single featured star during the Summer Under the Stars festival. She’s also kind enough to contribute to our Blogathon. Blogging every day is no easy task! Make sure you head over to Angela’s site and cheer her on!


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I’m so excited to read all of the blogathon posts :)


Is it still too late to participate in the blogathon? I was thinking about writing on Randolph Scott, then the days got away from me and I didn’t sign up as of yet.

Jill Blake

Hey Jennifer-

No, it’s not too late to join! That’s the great thing about this event- it runs the entire month and you can join in at any time. Just send us your link when it’s ready. We have an email set up for the event: tcmsutsblogathon (at) hotmail (dot) com

Also check out the contest post. We are giving away some awesome prizes!

Thanks and happy to have you!

[...] off by saluting the one and only Humphrey Bogart. It also marks the first day of the 2nd Annual Summer Under the Stars Blogathon hosted by the Moviola’s very own Jill Blake for which this post is part [...]

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