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I hope everyone is having a lovely October! I have a few announcements to make regarding some upcoming events here at Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence:

I am starting a couple of ongoing series. I will be working my way through the essential films listed for each actor, actress, and couple mentioned in the TCM Unforgettable Studio Era series of books. Although there are many films listed here that I have seen, it will be nice to revisit them. Also, there are some actors and actresses mentioned that I am not at all familiar with so this will be a nice addition to my ongoing classic film education. Like the books, I have decided to go in alphabetical order and alternate between the Actors and Actresses. Every once in a while I will highlight selections from the Couples book. Once I have completed the essential works of a particular actor/actress/couple, I will post my thoughts.Obviously this is a very long term project. I encourage discussion along the way and of course feel free to join me in this quest. I will post the current star in the sidebar so you can stay up to date.

Another ongoing series I’m planning will feature supporting actors/actresses and character actors. Some of my favorite actors are often considered supporting cast, but definitely no less important than the top billed stars. It will be nice to highlight the careers of those who don’t get as much recognition.

Guest Blogger Kimalysong has a couple posts in the works! Exciting! Also during the entire month of October, The Kitty Packard Pictorial is hosting Project Keaton. The event features submissions in virtually any form– reviews, artwork, poetry, video– as long as it honors Buster Keaton.

In the coming months there are a couple of blogathons I will be participating in. The first one is For the Boys Blogathon hosted by The Scarlet Olive on November 19 and 20.

The second is The Humphrey Bogart Blogathon hosted by Forever Classics on December 23-25.

A few weeks ago Angela over at The Hollywood Revue gave this blog a Liebster Award! Thank you so much, Angela! Now that I have received this award, it is my duty to pass it on to five bloggers.

Distant Voices and Flickering Shadows

If you love classic film and excellent writing, look no further. Every post here is a real treat. So much thought and imagination in every single word.

Shadows and Satin

Noir and Pre-Code fans must follow this blog! Karen knows her stuff! And she has great taste. One of my favorites.

Lindsay’s Movie Musings 

Are you a James Stewart fan? Lindsay is. She is currently working her way through his filmography. And if you don’t like Stewart, don’t worry. I’m sure she will still let you read her blog. She writes about all classic film! Check it out!

Out of the Past

I have been reading Raquelle’s blog for a long time (perhaps one of my first blogs besides Cinema OCD). She attends screenings, reviews books on classic film stars, and is currently in the midst of a Jack Klugman Fest. Love!

The Lady Eve’s Reel Life

I realize that The Lady Eve has received the Liebster Award before, but it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t recognize her here. I have read the blog for a while and have nothing but respect for her. The Lady Eve is an excellent writer, covering a wide range of subjects in the classic film world, and is a Cary Grant fan! I definitely approve!

Finally, don’t forget to enter the Halloween Giveaway here at The Fence!

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Jill Blake

Jill Blake is the owner of the classic film website Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence. She is also a co-founder and editor of the film site The Black Maria and film editor at CC2K. In 2012, she was interviewed on-air by Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz. In 2013, she was a featured guest on the TCM podcast. In her spare time Jill is a stay-at-home mom, wife, fried okra connoisseur, and the neighborhood’s own L.B. Jeffries.



Working your way through the TCM Unforgettable Studio Era books sounds like a really fun idea!


I think it will be fun. Insane, but fun. And it’s going to take me forever! ;)

The Lady Eve

KB – Thanks for the Liebster Award – there’s no such thing as too many Liebsters (and so glad you discovered Distant Voices & Flickering Shadows). With everything you’ve got lined up, you’re going to be one busy blogger…great stuff!


I am looking forward to your many posts

Oh and I might have to participate in the Bogart Blogathon as well. That sounds fun.


Thank you for the Liebster Award! I’m honored :)
I love those TCM books. This sounds like a great, fun project!


You are very welcome! The TCM books are great. I’m really excited to do this. I’m staring at a stack for Fred Astaire movies begging to be watched!


Now this is quite the project! We may need to watch a few of these together.

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